Are You Lucky?

My father was actually a member of the “Lucky Bastard Club” for surviving as a crew member of a B-17 bomber in World War 2. This is him:

Which makes me the daughter of a “Lucky Bastard.”

Which makes me a “Lucky Bastard” too.

Not because I survived bombing missions over Germany.


I’m a “Lucky Bastard” because all my life I’ve had friends to love me, support me, lift me up and celebrate with me.

A bond with my very first best friend took root when I could still go bare-chested without social exile. And, believe me, that did not last long! Jeanie was a whirlwind of curiosity and chutzpah. And I blindly followed her everywhere, as evidenced by our positions in her wagon. She is in the front and I am in the rear.

The complexities of ties that make up a special non-familial relationship change as we mature and are based less on superficial preferences and more on an individual’s internal depth and range. But even back then, I did seek out those who were intrepid and opinionated as my buddies. And I still do.

What is the “Lucky Bastard’s”secret?

Simple:  Knowing how to make the bad times good and the good times unforgettable.

And that’s what friends do.

What’s the “Lucky Bastard”tribute?

A sing-song poem to my wonderful friends in Cincinnati who threw me a 70thbirthday party.

And a sing-song poem to my wonderful friends in Tampa who threw me a 70thbirthday party.

And to all my other close friends, literally sprinkled in cities throughout our great country.

I know, I know
I’m a crappy friend
From the very beginning
And probably to the very end

I only like to text
And hate the phone
End up spending
Much time alone

So forgive my cocooning
My foibles and lacks
But remember as a friend
I’ve always got your backs 

But not in the morning
When writing time does beckon
But at any other time
I’m a force to be reckoned 

We’ve cried and bitched
And laughed and derided
Followed each other’s tips
So we were not blindsided

We’ve parsed through our problems
And laughed at our own craziness
And took advice sometime
And other times indulged in laziness 

We listened even when we made no sense
When times were good or life was tense
When venting was the only solution
To something with no easy resolution

So thank you for coming
To my 70th party
For eating and drinking
Not in moderation, but quite hearty

You each are so vibrant
In your own unique way
And I’m pleased we are able to share
This very special day

What makes a “Lucky Bastard’s”friends so valued?

They are:

Intellectually curious

Trailblazers in many fields









Warrior-princess like

Possessing a razor-sharp wit

and a no-bullshit attitude

In short, they are all “bad asses”
Why are you a “Lucky Bastard” when it comes to friends?

Please click “reply” and tell me how your best friends brighten your world and inspire you to power through life’s challenges with gusto and strength.

And Keep Preserving Your Bloom,


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