What It Took Me 68 Years To Do: Riding the Rails All By Myself

I am not a native New Yorker. In fact, I have never even lived in “The City” for any extended amount of time, though I visit often. I hear horror stories centering on confusion about what bus goes where, the need for exact change in quarters and the intricacy of figuring out bus schedules. So, Continue reading

Lessons Learned From a Less Than Fully Functional Dog

When our fourth son, Sam, unexpectedly brought home a lab puppy I was less than overjoyed. He assured me she was house trained; I then watched in horror as she took a major dump on the family room sisal rug. I was furious. That was three years ago and she’s still with us, though not Continue reading

The Exhausting Saga of Trying to Remain Relevant in my Adult Sons’ Lives

Ok, no surprise. I have had a tough time letting my sons venture out on their own. Though that certainly never stopped them. Again, no surprise. I am also prone to negative ruminations over the fact that my sons – now flown and grown – seem to need me so little. And to go even Continue reading