Speaking Topics

Imagine a speaker with a fresh take on life.

Imagine a speaker who makes you laugh at your foibles and inspires you to confront your challenges with exuberance and a plan.

That’s Iris Ruth Pastor, a coping guru who advocates for us all toPreserve Our Blooms.

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Stressbusters for the
  • New Millenium

From Coping to Soaring

Meeting And Surpassing Your Professional Goals

Having it All But Not at the Same Time

Prioritizing at Work and Play

Rest and Inner Peace? I’d Settle for Five Seconds of Solitude

alancing Home And Work

Overcoming Rejection and Obstacles

Again and Again and Again  

Daring to Be Yourself

Getting What You Want Without Giving Up What You’ve Got

A Kidless Mother

Blooming After The Nest Empties

If You Have Short Hair, You Can’t Wear Braids. Why Not?

Blazing Your Own Path

Sift: And I Don’t Mean as in Baking

Things My Mother Never Told Me and Things My Mother Told Me That I Never Listened To

The Disease to Please

Are You A Victim?


Control. Optimism. Perseverance. Evolution.

Mothers and Daughters

From a Daughterless Mother

Aging with Joy

Autumn’s Wonderland

Stop Vacuuming and Call the Caterer

Taking time for you

Legacy Letters and Ethical Wills

Equipping Your Children

A Sliver, A Slice, or the Whole Darn Cake?

Building Community and Camaraderie Ingredient by Ingredient

What Do Women Really Want?

  • What Do Women Want Now?
  • Get Angry, and Get Going
  • I Know This Will Come as a Big Surprise, But My Husband is Not My Best Friend