Shop Local: A Poem

Thanksgiving feasting has come to a close,
as your body now rests in sweet repose

Your fingers don’t need the exercise
but your hips, belly and tush sure do.
So I’m here to offer and reveal
a needed post-eating frenzy clue:

Put down your iPad.
Power off your phone.
Intersect with shopkeepers.
Don’t cocoon alone.

Burn off excess calories consumed
at yesterday’s Thanksgiving feast.
Shop the old fashioned physical way
to counteract the food coma beast.

To plump up the economy,
visit stores, with relatives in tow,
all voicing their unfiltered opinions
as you hunt, search, try on and show.

Support all your local retailers
and owner-operated boutiques.
Walk the avenue – peruse the mall.
Bargin, chatter and critique.

And when Black Friday’s over,
not just bargains will you have bought,
but spent a day with those you loved
for naughty and for naught.

Shopping til you’re dropping
may not cure all that ails our land,
but getting out to physically buy
will surely lend a helping hand.

Keep Preserving Your Bloom,

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