For the better part of the past 30 years, I have written a slice-of-life newspaper column – Incidentally, Iris – which has appeared in “The American Israelite,” many parenting publications and the Community Press Newspaper chain – to name just a few. During that time, I’ve written over 600 columns, covering a vast range of topics — parenting and family issues, major milestone events, health and well-being challenges, goals attained and those that fell short, losses avoided and losses sustained. Honors. Awards. Hard won wisdom. Empty nest. Empty heart. Maintaining relations with adult children. Long distance grand parenting.

My desire to impact women of all ages through my writing remains strong, so I am expanding my scope and embracing new ways to reach out to my audience. Please join me on this exciting – and kinda scary – journey:

My means of communicating has evolved, but my core mission and message remain constant: fostering connection, encouraging coping, cultivating greatness and preserving my followers’ bloom and mine.

Let’s do it together.


Iris Ruth Pastor