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Imagine a speaker with a fresh take on life.

Imagine a speaker who makes you laugh at your foibles and inspires you to confront your challenges with exuberance and a plan.

That’s Iris Ruth Pastor, a coping guru who advocates for us all to Preserve Our Blooms.

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Iris Talks About What


In a time where strong women are needed more than ever, Iris encourages women to empower themselves and value each other. She brings great humor and experience to her speaking engagements that makes her audience instantly endeared to her.

 Thomas J. M. 


It was such a delight having you speak to our group. We’ve heard nothing but raves from our members. You held them spellbound throughout your entire presentation. Rarely are they so totally attentive. You made us laugh as we learned and your humor made difficult subject matters easy to digest. Our friends’ enthusiastic recommendations left us anticipating great things and you exceeded all of our expectations.

Marcia W.


Your presentation was very well thought out! Very timely and informative to many. You were very well prepared and my Senior group was delighted with you presentation.

Thanks so much for sharing with us some delightful and delicious insights.


I can’t get the smile off my face! Nor the chills that you gave me up and down my spine!


Gentle, humorous and generous. Full of love and soulfulness, with just the perfect amount of true and contagious wit.


You said what I feel, but you say it better. What a great talent you have…I don’t need a therapist as much now.


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