Meet Iris


She is 5’2” – the truth

She weighs 115 lbs. – a lie

She is an aging baby boomer, wife, mother and grandma,

who writes a column entitled “Incidentally, Iris,”

blogs for the Huffington Post, and numerous other websites, newspapers and periodicals, sends out a weekly newsletter, and professionally consults on programming for retreat centers.

Iris does motivational speaking on all topics related to mid-lifers and baby boomers – including tattoos – though she graciously declines the opportunity to get one.

She entered the social media age kicking and bitching and screaming in order to launch her book Tales of a Bulimic Babe.

She strives to motivate, inform, entertain and educate herself and others on the importance of self-care, of fostering connection and of living life authentically.

While doing so, she tries not to be judgmental, cloying and hypocritical. whiney, clingy and snippy.

Sometimes she even manages to carry it off.

Book me as a speaker –I’ve got piping hot perspectives on utilizing your talents and resources to be the best you can be.

Utilize me as a panel moderator- on any topic

Engage me to lead life-altering seminars – on milestones like the empty nest, caretaking challenges and widowhood

Steal away with me on my specially designed get-away retreats – geared to relax, rejuvenate you and reawaken the commitment to living life with joy and ease.

Contact me at for further details or call me at 813-523-1369