Laboring to Shatter Entitlement Mind-Set

It’s flu season and the lack of available vaccines is raising concerns, especially among the elderly and those people in the category of “high risk.” Influenza is not joke, but there is another bug flitting around that is just as insidious to our well being. Affluenza – the term grabs my attention as soon as Continue reading

The Exhausting Saga of Trying to Remain Relevant in my Adult Sons’ Lives

Ok, no surprise. I have had a tough time letting my sons venture out on their own. Though that certainly never stopped them. Again, no surprise. I am also prone to negative ruminations over the fact that my sons – now flown and grown – seem to need me so little. And to go even Continue reading

What Mothers-in-law Want Their Daughters-in-law to Know

Ever read any books on how to be the best mother-in-law possible? There is one rule repeated in every single chapter: Keep Your Mouth Shut. I asked a good friend about the Keep Your Mouth Shut rule. She looked at me in disbelief. As if, how could I possibly not know that? “Listen,” she entreated earnestly, “Compliment their parenting Continue reading