Ax the Diet Mindset, with Dr Nina Savelle-Rocklin

January screams at us: GET SKINNIER IN THE NEW YEAR. Sure it’s a month of new beginnings and new resolutions. But for chronic dieters and those of us who are NOT HAPPY with our body shapes, January – though ripe with promise – creates a culture of unbearable discontent.

I’ve got an antidote to counteract the insidious media messages we are bombarded by relentlessly. You know the ones – promoting a feeling that our bodies are not good enough as is – subtly planting the thought that there is a moral superiority in being thin. How dare they imply we need flatter tummies, firmer breasts and tauter arms to be not only healthier, but happier?

That’s a lot of pressure. And I’m fighting back.

Coinciding with my book launch of The Secret Life of a Weight-Obsessed Woman, I’m also launching the Preserving Your Bloom podcast, or PYB as I like to say. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Imagine us sitting around your kitchen table chatting with people you’d like to get to know better – fascinating people with wisdom-packed, relevant stories and perspectives – all aimed at helping you live the life you crave.

My first guest helps us do just that.

Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin is a Los Angeles based psychoanalyst who specializes in weight, food and body image issues and the author of the book Food For Thought. Dr. Nina, who treats adult patients only, shares her thoughts and observations on the importance of implementing an anti-diet mentality.

Dr. Nina emphasizes that people suffering with disordered eating patterns are not eating because they are physically hungry, but to satisfy emotional hungers. Rather than eating to fuel our bodies, she maintains, “we are eating for comfort, for distraction or to numb ourselves against difficult feelings.” Dieting is not the answer.

We can ax the diet mindset. We can reduce cravings and free ourselves of destructive behaviors and thought patterns. We can develop sources of comfort within ourselves to self-soothe that don’t involve food.

Want to have Dr. Nina sit around YOUR kitchen table?

Click ‘play’ below.

The adventure begins.

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