Preserving Your Bloom

It’s not about gardening – planting, pruning, fertilizing and watering – at least not in the botanical sense. And it’s not an optional activity. Preserving Your Bloom is about being luminous, not lackluster. Preserving Your Bloom is about trying risky new things – where the process is unfamiliar and the outcome uncertain. Like I am doing Continue reading

We Plan. G-d Laughs.

My brother and sister-in-law, after living their entire lives in one city, retired to Arizona two months ago.  They planned to enjoy the climate, mountains and people; vacation in San Diego; visit friends in Los Angeles; explore the West and experience our country’s wonderful national parks. In the end, only moving to Arizona would come to Continue reading

Ten Ways to Stay Happily Married

After the wedding bells stop chiming, how do you sustain the marital magic? After 39 years of being married to the same man, I’ve got a few ideas on keeping the spark burning and the affection flowing toward – not away from – each other. 1. When you get home at night, greet each other Continue reading

What It Took Me 68 Years To Do: Riding the Rails All By Myself

I am not a native New Yorker. In fact, I have never even lived in “The City” for any extended amount of time, though I visit often. I hear horror stories centering on confusion about what bus goes where, the need for exact change in quarters and the intricacy of figuring out bus schedules. So, Continue reading