When, how and why it all began
Unfiltered truth telling
Insights on life before Iris's back seat was empty


  • I like the way you approach your subjects with dignity, grace and in a manner that doesn't patronize. Andre W.
  • I beg to point out, sorry, I believe Adam was created before Eve. The Torah is truth. ( I am part of the 40% with a sense of humor) Loved the article! Xoxo Andy C.
  • Thank you iris.....that one hit me. I too used to sit on my parent's bed watching my mom get ready on Saturday nights. Great memories... Betsy
  • I really got a kick from this one!! :-):-):-) Bette S.
  • I enjoy every one of your articles, articles that I could relate to or re-live...you are a twinkling star in my life. Lena
  • Just read today's writing about your secret I don't care how many times I hear it Iris. It is always inspiring to me it is always such an ultimate human. Tawny M
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